Welcome to the Ask Leo! On Business example web site.

This site exists as an example of the tools and techniques that I’m teaching over at Ask Leo! On Business. It really has no stand-alone content of its own.

Ask Leo! On Business is dedicated to the premise that anyone doing business, anyone with a cause to champion, or anyone with a message to share needs to have a presence on the web.

If that sounds like you, then Ask Leo! on Business will show you how, step-by-step, all in the clear, plain English that Ask Leo!‘s Leo Notenboom has become known for.

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Full Disclosure: This site used to be hosted out at BlueHost, as outlined in the Ask Leo! on Business articles, but is now hosted on my own server. This was simply an administrative measure, and I continue to recommend BlueHost.

In addition, WordPress is automatically updating, so the version you may see here will likely also be slightly different than that in the articles.